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Identifying the different descendancy lines can present a challenge when trying to convey information about a specific individual.  We have decided to name these lines based on what we know about their geographic origins.  To help you navigating our geographically named data, here is a breakdown geographically.

  Boston, Massachessetts - Descendants of John Kilby of Boston, Massachessetts.  Most of this research came From Winifred Holman in a manuscript (mss) she wrote in 1950 and was compiled into GEDCOM format by Craig Kilby.

  Culpeper County, Virginia - John Kilby (ca 1710-1772) settled in Orange County in 1747, in that part that later became Culpeper in 1749 and Madison County in 1793. After 1793, the land was on both sides of the county line. Most of the records are in Culpeper County. Two of his sons remained in Culpeper County. The other three migrated to Wilkes County, and many descendants are still there today. Another line, Michael Kilby, had descendants who moved further West in North Carolina and Tennessee. Today, one can find Descendants of John Kilby in almost every state.

  Dorchester County, Maryland - Descendants of Thomas Kilby of Dorchester County, MD. This is the group that starts with Thomas Kilby in Dorchester Co, MD -a contemporary of our John Kilby [of Culpeper]. My notes [Craig Kilby's] are probably shaky on this. But it's a start for you. Primary source for this information was my own research in Annapolis, Maryland which discovered this Thomas Kilby; a mss. by Charles M. Kilby ca 1920 on descendant of John Kilby of the revolution, and research in Virginia, where he moved after he "quit the seas." --primarily Hanover Co., VA.

  Flamstead, Hertfordshire - Descendants of Simon Kilby of Flamstead, United Kingdom.  This is the line beginning with Simon Kilby of Flamstead, UK. It is the work of Eric Kilby.

  Gloucestershire County - The Gloucestershire Kilbys from 1730 onwards (including the names Nazer and Strachan)

  Leicester, Leicestershire - Descendants of Joseph Kilby of Birstall, Leicester, England
This information is provided by Carol Kilby of California.

  Middlesex County, Virginia - Descendants of Christopher Kilby of Middlesex County, VA
This is the line beginning with Christopher Kilby of Middlesex Co., VA who settled there around 1660. I think this male line is extinct now. Most of this research is my own [Craig Kilby].

  Oxfordshire County - Descendants of Thomas Kilby of Ascott, Oxfordshire, UK
This information is provided by Angela Kilby

  Paddington, London - Descendants of Kelita Kilby of Paddington, London, England
This is the line of Kelita Kilby of Paddington, London, England. It also contains the parents, and siblings and some of their descendants of Kelita. It is a work in progress and combined effort of Jill Jones, Alison Griffith, and Rick Kilby.