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The surname Kilby is most commonly believed to refer to those originating in or around the town of Kilby in England. The town of Kilby has existed for more than 1000 years. It is probable that all Kilbys descend from a family or group of families that originated in or around the town of Kilby, with the exception of those who may have either taken their surname from a Kilby household where they were employed, were servants, or were slaves.

That said, we have no evidence nor do we infer that any of the separate Kilby family histories at the Kilby Genealogy Community are genetically connected; therefore, we present each as an independent and unique family which only share the commoness of their surname.

Although we use the most common spelling of our surname here, we do not exclude other variations. Generally, we consider like sounding spellings to be the same surname. Therefore Kilbee, Kilbey, Kilbeye, and every other spelling are just as welcome here.

However one acquired the surname Kilby, they are no less Kilbys. This site is dedicated to the advancement of research of all Kilby family genealogical history throughout the world. If you bear the name Kilby or are descended from a Kilby or are married to a Kilby; then this is your site.